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Your actions in terms of proceedings

If you want to build or lead some improvements of your housing in Lavaur, the urban planning local service helps and advises you in your administrative procedures.

Lavaur (photo L.Blatgé)
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Submission and investigation of the applications

Applications are submitted at the city hall, which registers these requests and launches the investigation procedure of the files.

Something else you should know...

Monuments historiques de Lavaur
The consultation of the Bâtiments de France architect, during the investigation concerning the approval of an urban planning, is required for every project located within the radius of 500 m of a classified or registered building.

In Lavaur, 9 protection perimeters are established around the cathedral of Saint-Alain, the church of Saint-François, the Tour des Rondes (i. e. the Watchtower), the bridge of Saint-Roch, the castle of Mirabel-Laval, the castle of Reyniès, the house « Pradier », the dovecote of Travet (Labastide-Saint-Georges) and the dovecote of Montplaisir (Ambres).

Before you make any request located in one of these perimeters, you are strongly encouraged to meet the Architecture and Heritage territorial department.

Get in touch with the urban planning department that will book an appointment with the Bâtiments de France architect.