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The media center

In 2001, the city of Lavaur purchased the Sœurs du Christ (Sisters of Christ) former house, made of a large edifice and gardens at the heart of the castrum, with the objective to create a cultural hub in it, which would aggregate a media center, a museum and some old archives.

programme de la médiathèque

Here you will find the media center animations programme :

Open to the public since February, 2008, the media center is named Guiraude de Laurac, Lord of Lavaur, whose sense of hospitality and spirit of tolerance have founded the Vaurean identity.

Today, the media center is a key cultural place for Lavaur and the land of milk and honey. It has the task to offer a complete public reading service, open to all. Informing, facilitating, and spreading the knowledge to the greatest number, especially the young people, in connection with the families, schools and associations : these are the media center core tasks.

Médiathèque - musée Entrée de la médiathèque Médiathèque (extérieur)


Reception space – ground-floor
This is the entry and exit point of the media center subscribers. Borrowing and rendering of documents are managed with the lending bank, upon presentation on the library card of the member. The membership is familial, and free for the children.

Youth space – ground-floor
Provided with a relevant furniture and a tale room, this space accomodates children until they are 13 years old. We find here almost 10 000 documents : albums, tales, documentaries, novels, comics, journals, audio materials for kids.

Adult space – first floor
On the shelves, the documents are classified thematically, and the novels by the authors’ alphabetical order. Over 15 000 books are aimed at borrowing or on-site consultation : journals, novels, documentaries, large print, science-fiction and local inventories. It is provided with worktables and seats.

The teenagers corner is for the 14 years old youth (at least). It offers novels, documentaries, comics and journals.

Music & multimedia space
It provides a wide range of self-service CDs & DVDs, with a sound system and a flat screen to watch movies and documentaries.

Some multimedia computers provide a free access to the Internet.

Accueil Espace jeunesse - enfants Bibliothèque enfants
Espace multimedia et musique Espace adultes Consultation du catalogue


Many cultural activities are organized quarterly, announced in the « Media center info » newsletter and forwarded through email and website.

- For the children : tale hearings, Médus’art workshops, exhibits, film screenings, shows…
- For the adults : lectures and book signing, book club, gigs and shows, exhibits…

Here you will find the facilitating entertainment programme of the 2016 first half-year :

Conte (en plein air) Concert Accueil de classe

Conte Atelier Médus'art<>

The old collections

Fonds ancien
The old collections are provided with 4 000 books (from the XVIIth to the XIXth century), some ancient archives from the city and a space for consultation – on appointment.


Médiathèque Guiraude de Laurac
1 rue Jouxaygues
81500 LAVAUR
Tel : 05 63 58 03 42
Email: mediatheque@ville-lavaur.fr
Website : http://mediatheque.ville-lavaur.fr