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From the land-use planning to the local urban plan

The operative urban planning document is the land-use planning (in French, Plan d’Occupation des Sols – POS) of the city of Lavaur, approved on October 28th, 1999, amended on 02/20/2003, 06/24/2004, 03/03/2005, 06/22/2005 and 05/23/2006, put in review on 06/24/2004.

The city of Lavaur is actually revising its land-use planning (POS), which will become the local urban plan (in French, Plan Local d’Urbanisme – PLU) at the end of the process.

The land-use planning, approved in 1999, no longer meets the needs generated by the economic and demographic development of the city.

Local urban plan


- Preparing the first phase
Territorial diagnosis : this document is the situational analysis of the whole town.

- Preparing the second phase : SADP

Public meeting to present the Sustainable Arrangement and Development Project (SADP, in French : Projet d’Aménagement et de Développement Durables – PADD)}

le lundi 11 juillet 2016 à 18h30 à la Halle aux Grains

What is a SADP ?

The SADP, integral part of the Local urban plan, discussed during the city council on last June, 17th, represents the city development political project for the next 8 years.

It sets the general guidelines for many politics : arrangement, public infrastructure, urban planning, landscape, protection of natural, agricole and forest spaces, and conservation or rehabilitation of the ecological networks.

Shall be adopted under the SADP, the general guidelines about the housing, transport and travelling, digital communications development, commercial infrastructure, economic development and entertainment, selected for the city in balance with the territorial coherence pattern (in French, Schéma de Cohérence Territoriale – SCOT) established by the Community of Communes (i. e. association of local authorities) Tarn-Agout.

Establishing a territorial diagnosis led to identify or confirm the core issues of the forthcoming Local urban plan.

The main structural axes of the SADP are the following :
- Keeping a consistent urban and densified planning on the already urbanized sectors, in order to welcome new inhabitants, by continuing at the same time to ensure a good quality of life.
- Safeguarding the landscape of the city by protecting the natural spaces and the heritage in general, consolidating the urban and rural characteristics.
- Fostering the particular development of the regional economic activity.

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Consultez le PADD

Read the operative urban planning documents

- Zoning of the land-use planning

- Rules for each zone

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Le zonage du POS

Zone UA
Zone UB
Zone UC
Zone UD
Zone UX
Zone UY
Zone INA
Zone NAx
Zone NB
Zone NC
Zone ND

- Protection perimeters of the historical monuments


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