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The household waste treatment & collect intermunicipal syndicate (in French, le Syndicat Intercommunal de Collecte et de Traitement des Ordures Ménagères) Le Sictom was created in 1980 and today includes 24 towns.

It ensures the separate collection and the household waste collection for all these towns including Lavaur.

The results achieved by the separate collection are amongst the best in France !

Collection of household waste

Collected in bags, in a trash can of your choice (not supplied).
Collection twice a week (following your area).

Les emballages
Paper, paperboard, plastic bottles, cans.
- Collected in your blue small box (supplied).
- Collection once a week (at the same time that one of the household waste collection, Thursday – Friday).

Bottles, pots, jars...
- Collected in your green small box (supplied).
- Collection every second week (odd-numbered weeks and following your area).

Collection occuring during a statutory holiday is done on the next working day.


More information

Lavaur center deposit
The evening before (from the road of Toulouse to the road of Belcastel)
- Collection of the waste : on Monday and Thursday
- Selective sorting : on Thursday

Lavaur outside urban areas deposit
The evening before (road of Castres, road of Caraman, Rouch zone, road of Gaillac)
- Collection of the waste : on Tuesday and Friday
- Selective sorting : on Friday

In rural areas
Les collectes s’effectuent par le biais de conteneurs (750 litres) de couleur différente suivant qu’il s’agit des ordures non valorisables ou du tri.

Be careful !
- The containers, small boxes or bags’ in and out movings have to be done in such a manner that they do not stay on the public highway during the day and the week-end.
- Bags, containers and small boxes have to be taken out the evening before the collection day, after 7 pm.
- They will be laid out along and on the right of the entrance of the properties, on the sidewalk, in a manner that does not hamper the pedestrians.

Other waste

Vegetable waste
Coming from courtyards and gardens, like garden’s shearings, dead leaves, pruning and cutting wood, they must be put to the waste disposal site.

Bulky rubbish
Bulky rubbish (scrap metal, household equipment, mattresses, bed bases, various used furniture, small debris from the cleanings…) have to be put to the waste disposal site.

Toner cartridge
Bring them to the City Hall, where they are collected and recovered.

Discharge lamps, LED lamps and lights bulbs.
Centralize and put them to one of the waste disposal sites.

Recycling of some organic waste : fruit and vegetable peelings, garden garbage. A 360 liters composter enables to make some compost in a few months to enrich your plantations. You can book one with the Sitcom.

Collection concerning the merchants, communities, offices

For the recyclable packages (paperboards, papers…), a twice-weekly collection of the shops, communities and offices is done on Tuesday and Friday morning.

Brugues waste disposal site

Metals, paperboards, papers, green garbage, debris, special household waste, batteries, engine oils, glass…

Be careful ! !
Lamps can be recycled ! As well as the household appliances (electronic and electrical), batteries, and clothes.

From Monday to Saturday, from 9 am to 12 pm, and from 2 pm to 5.30 pm.
Closed on Sunday.


SICTOM de la région de Lavaur logo SICTOM
Le village
Tel: 05 63 58 76 40
Fax: 05 63 58 75 65

Déchetterie des Brugues (i. e. Brugues waste disposal site)
Les Brugues de Jonquière
81500 LAVAUR
Tel : 05 63 41 46 79

From Monday to Saturday : 9 am / 12 pm and 2 pm / 5.30 pm.
Closed on Sunday.

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- Composting information
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