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Accessibility and security of public-access buildings

A public-access building is subject to accessibility and security requirements when it is built and during operation.

The applicable legislation concerning security may vary according to the classification of the building.

As part of proceedings subject to building permission, the « public-access building » component is incorporated in the request.

In other cases, a file, which enables to check that the proceedings match with the security and accessibility rules has to be submitted to the City Hall urban planning department, in 4 copies, as well as the files to attach.

Once constituted, the file has to be
- either SUBMITTED TO THE CITY HALL against a receipt ;
- or SENT TO THE CITY HALL by registered mail with a postal acknowledgement of receipt.

This file will then be forwarded to the departmental subcommittee against fire & panic risk in the public-access buildings (SDIS) and to the departmental subcommittee concerning accessibility for disabled guests (DDT) for instruction.

Proceedings might only begin after the Mayor’s approval, taken after consulting these Commissions (legal sections L. 111-8 and L. 123-1 of the Building and Housing Code (in French, Code de la Construction et de l’Habitation).

Within 4 months after the reception of the complete file, the mayor has to inform you of his motivated decision to allow or refuse the proceedings, on the basis of advice delivered in accordance with security and accessibility. This four months deadline starts once your file is completed only.
The requester’s attention is drawn on the impossibility of the initiating departments to ask for amending documents notably aiming to make a project understandable or lawful.

Therefore, the plans and instructions will be examined as submitted. It is thus appropriate that you would be the most accurate you can.

Please download the forms :
- The request
- The solidity commitment of the project manager
- The security instruction
- The accessibility instruction

Contact details of the departments in charge of handling of the files.

Service Départemental d’Incendie et de Secours (SDIS) du Tarn (i. e. Prefectural Fire and Rescue Department)
Service Prévention
15 rue Jautzou
81012 ALBI cedex 09
Tél : - fax :
E-mail : direction.etat-major@sdis81.fr

Direction Départementale des Territoires du Tarn (DDT du Tarn) ) (i. e. Prefectural Directorate of the Tarn Territories)
Service d’ingénierie et Coordination des Unités Territoriales
Bureau bâtiments publics accessibilité
19 rue de Ciron - 81013 ALBI Cedex 13
Tél : - Fax :